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Hey Listeners! Thanks for joining us. If you're looking for inspiration to start a new entrepreneurial venture, then this podcast is for you. We commit to bring listeners entrepreneur stories that will encourage you to launch a new business, grow an existing one to the next level or empower entrepreneurial thinking inside you and the company you work for. Come along for the journey, join the movement and be inspired, as we introduce you to the TrepStarz!

Mar 20, 2017

For episode #7, we were lucky enough to conduct the interview at Donnie's Donuts. After complimentary donuts (which by the way were amazing) and a tour of the facility, we sat down with Patti and Donald in a beautiful conference room overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

The one word that comes to mind from this interview is 'Passion'. Patti and Donald are extremely passionate about their business, their employees, their customers and their donuts. Fortunately that passion and commitment to the business doesn't stop with Patti and Donald. Customers frequently mistake the employees for the owners. That says a lot about the culture they've created at Donnie's Donuts. In addition to culture and passion, we talked about the importance of social media, working with your spouse, poking holes in your business plan, how the original idea came about and, of course, Patti and Donald's favorite donuts. Tune in and be inspired!