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Hey Listeners! Thanks for joining us. If you're looking for inspiration to start a new entrepreneurial venture, then this podcast is for you. We commit to bring listeners entrepreneur stories that will encourage you to launch a new business, grow an existing one to the next level or empower entrepreneurial thinking inside you and the company you work for. Come along for the journey, join the movement and be inspired, as we introduce you to the TrepStarz!

Jun 5, 2017

For this episode of TrepStarz we’re joined by Kevin Manley, Senior Catalyst with Florida Venture Catalysts and founder of the Exit Advisors. Kevin has founded, advised, and/or invested in a variety of companies in consumer electronics, medical technology, philanthropic technology, real estate development and many others. In 1995 Kevin co-founded, an online e-marketing solutions company. He and his co-founders took Yes Mail public in 1999, and sold it to CMGI in 2000 for over $700M. This is one story you don't want to miss. Seventeen years later, Kevin is helping other companies reach similar heights. As Senior Catalyst with Florida Venture Catalysts, Kevin assists business owners, boards, executive teams and investors seeking to enhance organizational value. This interview is chalk full of practical advice and lessons learned that you can apply to your own ventures. Tune in and be inspired!