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Hey Listeners! Thanks for joining us. If you're looking for inspiration to start a new entrepreneurial venture, then this podcast is for you. We commit to bring listeners entrepreneur stories that will encourage you to launch a new business, grow an existing one to the next level or empower entrepreneurial thinking inside you and the company you work for. Come along for the journey, join the movement and be inspired, as we introduce you to the TrepStarz!

May 15, 2017

In this episode of TrepStarz, we're on location at Copper Bottom Craft Distillery in Holly Hill, FL and we're joined by Co-Founder, Owner and Head Distiller, Jeremy Craig. What was once the site of an old dilapidated laundromat, is now home to Volusia County's first and only craft distillery. While on vacation in Rome, Italy a few years ago, Jeremy was hit with a bomb. He was notified that he was laid off from his software sales position. That same day, he and his wife also found out they were pregnant. Rather than go into panic mode, they put pen to paper and began building their business plan. They always wanted to own their own business and even talked about a distillery in the past. Excuses and reasons to say no always kept them from pursuing this venture, but now was the time. As soon as they got home from Italy, they began ordering equipment and looking for locations. They also started the licensing process, which took nearly 14 months. Fast forward to today and Copper Bottom Distillery is pumping out some amazing craft spirits and developing a great reputation in the community. Nonetheless, an ongoing challenge is getting their product into the hands of more consumers. Jeremy talks about this challenge, along with another one that's very unique to craft distilleries, and what Copper Bottom is doing about it. We talk to Jeremy about his favorite part of the business, how the name came about, collaborations, the car wash next door, Bill McCoy and how the only decisions you'll regret are the ones you don't make. Jeremy also gives some great advice to those looking to leave the 9-5 and start their own business. Tune in and be inspired!